About these projects

On this page we enlighten a few various projects. Al these projects are totally designed to the customer’s wishes. These projects show the versatility of Van der Schans Machinery Production. It also gives an impression of the divergent projects of our company.

Windmill staircase

For a customer we have designed a staircase that swings in the radius of the column of the windmill. By applying this spiral staircase, we arranged to save some space. Besides that, the staircase has become an attractive eye-catcher.


Collision protection

This collision protection is designed to be assembled on the foundation of a building for protection. The collision protection, protects the façade of the building for passing vehicles.

Fifth wheel coupling

For an approval of the RDW (Dutch vehicle inspection authority), we made a strength calculation for a fifth wheel coupling. These fifth wheel coupling is assembled on a pickup truck. With the help of these fifth wheel coupling, it`s possible to tow a trailer with the pickup truck.

Sterktebereking koppelschotel RDW
Sterktebereking koppelschotel
Sterktebereking poort

Electric Gate

For these electrically driven gate, we have made a strength calculation. This was especially important because we had to calculate the deflection of the gate. Van der Schans Machine Production gave advise how to firm the gate.

Lifting jack Big Bags

For the lifting jack, we have made a strength calculation. Besides that, we optimized the shape of it. The lifting jack will be placed on the fork of the lift truck, and it will be used to transport big bags with fertilizer with a weight of 600 kg.

Sterkte berekening hefbok big bags
Sterkteberekening hefbok big bags