Shopping cart desinfecting

The desinfectorunit is a machine which is specially designed to desinfect shopping carts. We have to find possibilities too reduce contamination hazard in this time of uncertainty. Shopping carts are the biggest source of contamination hazard in supermarkets. The handles of shopping carts contain 170 times as much bacteria than a flushing knob of a toilet as you can read in this dutch article.

The desinfectorunit can be used by the consument without help of a employee. The handle can be desinfected fully automated in less than five seconds, beginning to end. The machine unburdens the entrepreneur by lessening the work of desinfecting the shopping carts.



Desinfection agent

Tristar Trisept


Stainless steel


€ 2.950

How does it work?

1. Put your shopping cart in the unit

The shopping cart has to be pushed all the way against the frame

1. Rijd uw winkelwagen naar binnen
2. Houd uw hand voor de sensor

2. Wave your hand before the sensor

You do not have to touch the sensor. The sensing distance of the sensor is fourteen centimeters (or ±5,5 inches).

3. Take your shopping cart out of the desinfectorunit

The cart will be disinfected in 0,3 seconds. So you can take your shopping cart almost right away. The disinfecting agent works for more than a hour. So you can shop your groceries safely!

The handle will be wet. This will take care of disinfecting your hands as well.

3. Neem uw kar weer uit de desinfectorunit

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This product is established and commissioned by Jan Prins B.V.