9 august 2017

Testing your own product with the demo dosing machine?

The following weeks, Van der Schans Machinery Productions is working on the demo version of the dosing machine. With the demo version, interested companies could come and see the machine. Besides that it`s possible to test their own products. Via our various channels, we share the progress of the production. Interested companies can make an appointed for a complete non-binding test of their products.

29 june 2017

Blog: What is the risk of a big investment in a machine?

A lot of companies need a machine. When you want to purchase such a machine, you need to make big investment. Companies are often wary for such an investment. In this blog you will read our vision on this case.

26 may 2017

Van der Schans Machinery Production active on LinkedIn

Recently, Van der Schans created an account on LinkedIn. With this channel, the company is able to keep their clients up to date about the latest developments. Take a look at our business page.

Transportband met flessen
25 april 2017

Blog: One advanced machine or two standard machines?

Maybe you know the phenomenon or you had to deal with it earlier. This dilemma: “Is it better to buy a new machine like I already have, or is it smarter to replace my machine with a faster one?” The hard thing is: Both solutions can be the answer of the question. The best solution in your case? You will read it in this blog!

Demoweek Ede/Veenendaal
6 april 2017

Van der Schans Machinery Production attended Demoweek

Last week, Van der Schans Machinery Production attended the Demoweek Ede/Veenendaal. During this week, leading technical companies in this area did open their doors. There were among others producers of milling machines, measuring machines, robots and suppliers of software for the technical sector. During the visit we gained some inspiration and we have made new contacts in the technical sector. For more information about the Demoweek, take a look at the website of the organisation.

Uitgelichte afbeelding
27 march 2017

Launching of the dosing machine

Last week, Van der Schans Machinery Production launched the dosing machine. This machine is able to dose and fill several products like sauces, fruit jam ore dairy products.
This machine is perfect for suppliers of regional products, suppliers of dairy products, bakers and butchers.
For more information, take a look at our product page. On this page we expose the specifications of the dosing machine. We expose for example, the inside elements of the machine.

Engineering zeiljacht van Wees
4 march 2017

Van der Schans Machinery Production engineered sailing yachts tanks

At the request of Van Wees Waalwijk, Van der Schans Machinery Production developed the fuel- and fresh water tanks. These tanks had to be made of bending and consisted of complex shapes. These tanks will be placed in the biggest yacht of Contest Yachts. Because of that, the tanks need to be built with seaworthy materials.

10 february 2017

Renovation of the parcel sorting machine

Van der Schans Machinery Production renovated the parcel sorting machine on several areas. The parcel sorting machine is able to sort parcels, bags and pallets. With the renovation, the machine is able to sort 60 parcels in a minute. The machine could be built in several possibilities. The machine is able to sort parcels with a conveyor with carriages, a guide arm ore a transport system with cams.  For more information about the parcel sorting machine, take a look at our product page.

23 january 2017

Van der Schans Machinery Production does engineering tasks for third parties

Besides the production of machinery, Van der Schans Machinery Productions does also engineering tasks for third parties. They accept both internal as external engineering and drawing tasks. The content of the tasks consists of strength calculations (both manual as FEM-analysis), calculation of powertrains, construction- welding- and assembly drawings and advising on technical issues.

Palletstapelaar 1
18 december 2016

Van der Schans Machinery Production develops pallet stacker

For our customer Elte Metaalbewerking we have designed a pallet stacker. This machine is designed to stack normally stacked pallets as nested pallets. Do you want more information about the pallet stacker? Please visit our product page.

22 november 2016

SOLIDWORKS Simulation certification

Recently, Van der Schans Machinery Production has a certification for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, to make strength calculations. With this certificate, there is more room for the possibilities with engineering. The possibilities are expended for Van der Schans Machine Machinery Production to give advice on technical tasks on a professional way.

Sterktebereking koppelschotel RDW
17 october 2016

Van der Schans Machinery Production develops fifth wheel coupling

For an approval of the RDW (Dutch vehicle inspection authority), we made a strength calculation for a fifth wheel coupling. These fifth wheel coupling is assembled on a pickup truck. With the help of these fifth wheel coupling, it`s possible to tow a trailer with the pickup truck. Do you want more information about this project ore about our other various projects? Please take a look at our projectpage.